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We use the term “BF” to refer to any of the several acronyms like boyfriend, blue film, black friday, business forum, bombay first, bad friend, battle field, battle force, bachelor of forestry, business facilitator, best friend, etc. What does the term “bf” in our website name stands for ? Well, it actually stands for Bollywood films! On this bf film website, we feature latest updates, news, views, reviews from the blockbuster and entertainment industry including bollywood and hollywood gossip, celebrity updates, likes and more.. We also feature insights into filming industry as how to be an actor or actress, how to get your golden chance, how to learn acting, various elements of film making and roles of films in our society.

It is well accepted fact that modern movies direct young minds and shape the thinking of our society. It cultivates good, bad, truth, false perception depending upon varying psycho-analytical capabilities of audience. Now-a-days, those people acting as stars are trendsetters as youngsters approach the first way to follow, imitate them. There is no denying the fact that movies have really changed the way we entertain ourselves. But we can not deny even this that it has negatively impacted certain sections of our society also.

Like every industry, filming industry has its good side as well as its bad side. Here you can rock, you career goes highly glamorous and promising but it can take a overturn any moment as career in this field is subject to high risks, fluctuations and instability. Those who overcomes tough times become real stars and rock the stage always. Those who fail, become just a face in the crowd.

BF Film is a highly successful entertainment industry of India with prominent artists, actors, actresses of renowned skills and aptitude. It is hard to find a place in such a highly competitive and always running niche. Those who are more than dedicated, can only make their dreams happen. Once you are in, Get rewarded!

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    i love you

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    I like it very much.

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    I am waiting

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    iam intrested acting movies

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